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How do goats celebrate Christmas?

Posted by Sarah Wehri on

By eating of course!  Which of the following holiday treats can a goat eat (without getting sick of course!)?

A. Christmas Trees
B. Sugar Plums
C. Holly
D. Fruit Cake
E. None of the above
F. All of the above

The answer is A & C. Goats can eat holly and Christmas trees in small amounts. It is perfectly OK when they have access to a balanced diet. They consume them as a nutrient balancer, but it cannot be a mainstay of their diet. Large amounts can be poisonous.  They need good quality hay, grain, minerals, and baking soda for day to day consumption. 

Sugar plums and fruit cake are a no go for goats, though they would probably like them! The high sugar content can upset the microbial balance in the rumen and make them less efficient eaters or even cause death. Honestly, they aren't great for humans either, but that never seems to stop us! 

Merry Christmas from Amalthea Ridge!!

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