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Our 'Guess the Baby Weight' Winner for 2015!!

Posted by Sarah Wehri on

Thank you to everyone who took the time to make a guess. It was, as always, very exciting for us to host this event, and there were so many great guesses! We are very excited to announce the winner of our 2015 'Guess the baby weight' contest!!

But first, all the weights and complementing adorable baby goat pictures!

Kid #1 (from Coco): 8.5lbs girl

Kid #2 (from Hannah): 9lbs girl (one of set of twins)

Kid #3 (from Hannah): 7lbs girl (second of set of twins)

Kid #4 (from Daffy): 9lbs girl

Kid #5 (from Rosie): 9.5lbs boy (first is set of twins)

Kid #6 (from Rosie): 8.5lbs boy (second in set of twins)


That makes 6 babies for a grand total of 51.5 lbs!!! 

Congratulations to Janice B. our 2015 contest winner for her guess of 47 lbs

We hope you'll join us next spring for our 2016 contest!

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1 comment

  • Those babies are so cute. I did make a wild guess as I was unfamiliar with goat kids at birth.
    and I also thought there might just be 1 set of twins. This group will have playmates.
    Must be fun to watch them grow. Congratulations.

    MargotKarczewski on

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