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Exfoliate the face naturally!

Posted by Keyvan Moussavi on

Customers frequently ask us about exfoliating the face for brighter, younger looking skin. It is important to remember the skin on the face is delicate, and it is imperative to treat it gently.

Chemical peels are often used and are readily accessible on store shelves. Although they can be a good option for occasional use, they introduce some major health concerns.  The FDA recommends warnings to be placed on chemical peel products because they may cause burns, sometimes severe, but even more importantly, they  increase the photosensitivity of your skin. What does that mean? It means your skin is more likely to incur UV damage linked to skin cancer and wrinkles. So, proceed with caution and be sure to check your labels for alpha and beta hydroxy ingredients!

A safer alternative for more frequent use is mechanical exfoliation. This method uses tiny particles to gently remove the outer layer of dead skin. Be forewarned: scrubbing, especially with large granules, can damage or break your skin's natural protective barrier and leave your skin worse than you started.   Stick with small particles and use a light, circular motion and upward sweeps when using mechanical exfoliants.

Our focus has always been to address skin needs by using natural ingredients. Below are our favorite products that can help you exfoliate your face. 

Green Tea and Peach Clarifying CleanserTM does a wonderful job of keeping your face clean and moisturized while the tiny green tea particles gently exfoliate. Customer tips:

  • Use as a  remover for high end make-up
  • Address blemishes by placing a small amount on the blemish over night
  • Add extra umph to you exfoliation routine by putting a small amount on your exfoliating facial wand (make sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions)

 Super Fruit Exfoliating Facial ScrubTM  combines organic sugar, cranberry fiber, fresh cranberries and vitamin and omega fatty acid packed cranberry and pomegranate seed oil. We recommend using it weekly according to your skin's needs!

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