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One very dangerous plant!

Posted by Keyvan Moussavi on

When we were out doing chores last night, we noticed an unusual weed with beautiful purple berries, green leaves and purple stems along our hedgerows. After doing a little research we found that this weed is called pokeberry and is frequently found in Virginia, though we have never had it on our property before that we are aware. The entire plant is quite poisonous, to the point of fatality in both children and adults. Needless to say, they have been eradicated from our yard.

We wanted to share this info, and the below images of the pokeberry we found, with you so you can protect your family. Please be aware of this plant, particularly if you  have children around. The berries look a bit like blueberries and are quite inviting to kids!

Pokeberry leavesPokeberry Leaves look a bit like blueberries and hang in clusters like grapesPokeberry flowers with young green berries (which are also toxic)

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