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The 2015 Winter State of the Dairy Goat Report

Posted by Sarah Wehri on

When you work with animals, there is always something changing. It keeps you in touch with the seasons since their lives, and especially that of a dairy goat, are tied to the temperature and length of the day.  Our dairy goats are an integral component of our business, providing the goat milk in our skin care products, so they are a bit pampered. Here is what's going on in their lives (and ours) right now!

The Amalthea Ridge herd waiting to get milked in November

All the does are bred. Alpine dairy goats must be bred on a yearly basis, each fall, so they will provide milk for the coming year. As soon as the holiday shopping season finishes up we will begin checking our supplies and housing for the arrival of baby goats! We are looking forward to beginning the "Guess the Baby Weight" contest soon! Look out for the announcement early next year.  

The does are also dried off. That means the does are not producing milk any longer. This is a nice change for all parties! We get a short rest before starting the process all over again. 

On a related note, breeding season is over and the boys no longer smell! Or maybe it is cold enough that the smell doesn't carry. Either way, it is a win! They can now get their pettings without leaving a questionable residue on hands. Yes, this is the 'goat smell' you hear people talk about and it happens every fall during breeding season. It is not as bad as people make it out to be, but then again, we try to keep our buck population to a minimum which undoubtedly helps.

Penske, the alpine dairy goat buck

 While our herd takes a rest, we will be working on making improvements for them and developing new products for our customers.  Check back for more updates about the herd, and follow us on instagram, twitter, facebook or pintrest for more pics of our herd like the one of Penske above. Isn't he a handsome boy? 






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