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Amalthea Ridge Custom Formulary

 Expertly hand-crafted custom skin care products are within your reach!

Learn more about our custom product formulary below,  then complete the form  to get the ball rolling on your new, personalized products. 

The Formulation Process

1. We discuss you! What is your skin like? What are you looking for in a product? What ingredients do you like/dislike? Are there any types of ingredients that are important to you? This is when we work out all the details! It should take about 30 minutes.

2. Using information from the interview, Sarah will come up with a prototype product 'recipe'. This process will take about 5 working days. 

3. Your product is created and tested. The first time we create your custom product, it will undergo stability and preservative efficacy testing which takes 4-6 weeks. It is very important that your product is safe and we want to know how long it is good for! This is longest part of the process because microbes work on their own time scale. If we run into any problems that require changes or adjustments, we will let you know how that effects the expected delivery date. 

Subsequent Orders

You have the option of setting up subscription delivery of your custom products or purchasing on an as needed basis. 

If you already have custom products with Amalthea Ridge, please contact us directly by clicking


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