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Green Tea and Peach Clarifying Cleanser (2 oz) (TM)

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We've had lots of requests for a soft face cleanser rather than exfoliant soaps and scrubs. As a result, we have great this wonderful Cream Soap (that's right) that is gentle on your skin and at the same time is a powerful cleanser. Those blemishes or pimples, simply take a small bit and place some of the product on those areas overnight! This is also a wonderful natural makeup remover that leaves your skin soft and beautiful.

Skin type:
Purpose: Everyday, Exfoliating (mild), Restorative)
Wet fingers under water and apply gently to the top of product. Gently cleanse entire face and thoroughly rinse with water.  You can also use the product as a high end makeup remover by following this cleansing method.

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