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Oh Momma! Exfoliating Scrub (TM)

Oh Momma! Exfoliating Scrub (TM)

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The perfect way to get your chocolate fix and treat your skin too! Ground walnuts in this scrub help remove dry, dead skin revealing the healthy glowing skin beneath. A serious dose of cocoa butter rounds out this scrub to give your skin a soft silky feel, so no lotion is needed after use! This scrub is formulated to be used on the body, but not the face (too abrasive for that delicate skin but great for elbows, knees, and feet!)

Use caution in the shower as oils can make it slippery!

Skin type:
Normal, Dry
Exfoliating (mild/medium), Conditioning, Restorative
Purpose: Hands, Body, Dry Feet
Apply a small amount to skin in the show or during bath.  Gently rub on top of skin and wash with a body bar.